Tested 22/05/05 and Revised on 23/05/2005.





Two documented Grading System Rules GS1 & GS2 have been adopted by the BRMCC Pony Express committee to create a fair and just grading system. It will be applicable to all appropriate participants without variation.



Grading System Rule 1 (GS1) – End of year Grading of Participants


Each individual (as part of a team) that establishes a compounded point score of 50 points or, a score greater than 50 points in a season

(IE: 10 points per round, 5 X 10 = 50) is regraded to the next available class at the conclusion of the session.               

* Special Note* a 4 round Series = 40 points.

Also any team that has obtained 13 points or greater than 13 points at any individual (One) round during the series is also regraded to the next available class.



Grading System Rule 2 (GS2)– Emergency Grading Rule


Each Individual (as part of a team) that places in front of any Individual (as part of a team) placing 1 – 5 in a higher Grade or Class, is automatically regraded to the higher Grade or Class from that point onward.

Example: This means that a Novice team that places in front of a fifth placed Clubman team will be automatically be given Clubman Grading and status, this team will be awarded the Trophy and the points in the lesser class for that first meet but will not be able to participate in that class from this point onwards.

They shall also be given a set of points in the higher class so they are not disadvantaged for over all Annual placing’s.

The upgraded team will not be eligible for a trophy placing in higher class as they have already be awarded the trophy and placing in the lesser class.

They will be given the points relevant to their finishing position and this shall not effect the points correctly awarded to any participant in the higher class.


Example: They may finish equal 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th and therefore receive equal points in the higher class in addition to the points already provided in the lesser class for that meeting.

Placement in relation to a higher class is determined once the round is concluded and the results and adjusted times have been calculated.


NOTE * The Points pertaining to the higher class will not be available to contestants who are regraded under GS2 if they are found to be guilty of:


Conditions for Grading System 2 (GS2)


a)      There must be a minium of 6 riders entered into the higher glass.

b)      That Grading System Rule may only be applied at the first round that the Individual (as part of a team) enters per class, per series.

c)      It is not applicable again that season unless the individual changes partners at which time GS2 will apply again or upon entering a new class at which time it is applicable to the first round they contest only.

d)      The committee will consider the validity of elevated placing’s obtained through DNF or Mechanical Failure or Delays experienced by the 1 – 5 higher-class place getters prior to regrading.


Grading Rules GS1 & GS2


All grading is permanent whilst the Individual continues to compete in Pony Express Events and will remain in place for 5 years from the last event that they finally compete in.

On or after a 5 year absence period an individual (as part of a team) may enter in a lesser class than previously graded but only may regress 1 class lower than their last grading.

They will always be subject to GS2 and its conditions.

In any case GS1 continues to apply to all individuals (as part of a team) regardless.



BRMCC PONY EXPRESS RESULTS  - ROUND 1 – Napoleons (22/05/05)


Congratulations to the following riders (Teams), your outstanding finish has yielded you a class promotion.


Under grading rule GS2 the following Riders (Teams) are elevated to a higher class.


1) Adam Worsley & Travis Orr            to Clubman Class         New race number - 190

2) Chris Ryrie & Simon Stapleton         to Clubman Class         New race number - 191

3) Daniel Smith & Joseph Ryan             to Clubman Class         New race number - 192

4) Adrian Johns & Daniel Jenkins          to Clubman Class         New race number - 193


Please assure you have the correct Background and Number and class Colours displayed on your machine prior to the next event (Avoca).





Pony Express Committee 2005