Ballarat Rovers Motor Cycle Club

        Ballarat Rovers Motor Cycle Club Est. 1952

       Monza is a Tear-Off Free Zone


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It is the objective of the Ballarat Rovers Motorcycle Club to provide to its members a facility to practice motocross. All riding at this facility will be carried out in such a manner as to provide the safest conditions possible for riders and/or spectators, as well as offering adequate legal protection to the Club, its Members, and Motorcycling Victoria.
To be eligible to ride a practice day a rider must have a current competition or recreational license. (One day rec license available)
Practice days will be decided by the membership attending a general meeting and will be approximately one month in advance.
Additional practice days can be arranged via a general meeting.


  • On the day costs are based on the following:
  • Ballarat Rovers $15.00*   (NOTE!   This will not come off a yearly membership if you decide later to take one.)
  • Any other MA/MV affiliated Clubs $25.00
  • One Day Membership $40 (Includes track fee & rider levy)

    If the rider holds a competition or recreational license this is the only cost,
    However, if the rider does not hold one of the above licenses the rider must purchase a one day recreational license or yearly

  • TBA  Sent to financial members Via SMS  (I will send updates via email as I get the addresses of those who want them)

    Weekend ride times will be decided at the general club meeting on the Thursday night prior.
    Ballarat Rovers MCC reserves the right to change dates and times. Changes will usually be discussed at general meetings.

    REMEMBER - The best way to keep up to date with the goings on at Monza is to attend the general meetings Thursdays 8:15pm at the airport clubrooms.